Puff Pastry and all that is Feuilletée.!

I really had a hard time with self restraint when we worked with puff pastry… Crispy, buttery and all I could ever ask for.1233427_10202030044174415_1966019022_n

These cute little things are called Chausson aux Pommes. They’re similar to an apple turnover. Inside is a sweet apple sauce that nicely compliments its buttery, flakey exterior. Because they’re so small, it’s easy to forget how many you’ve eaten.


What’s Feuilletée with out Mille Feuille! 1383678_10202068046124440_1397105095_n 66800_10202050117476235_2103436354_n

Pistachio Mille feuille with strawberries


Sorry, Sugar Coma…

Geeze, It’s been way too long [without Wifi]. That’s right, I’ve been moved into the new apartment for about 2 months now and only recently got wifi. Technically, it’s not mine but I won’t get into that right now….


Let’s talk about my school!

We started baking from the beginning. No time like the present, I suppose.

From Tarte aux Pommes to Tarte au Chocolat, the tartes were endless. By the end of the week, we had so many tartes, we didn’t know what to do with them! Most people gave them to the homeless, neighbors and host families.

Tarte aux Pommes1000957_10201909305036012_2111271473_n

Tarte aux Figues1185129_10201925759127354_1943582173_n

Tarte Daquoise


Tarte Bourdaloue

Tarte au Chocolat1240170_10201944559397349_1586190424_n[Note* You’ll have to forgive the picture quality as it was all taken on my iphone.]

Last but not least: My Favorite Tartes

This is Pierre Herme‘s Tarte Vanille: Pâte sablée, white chocolate ganache with vanilla, tender biscuit moistened with vanilla, vanilla-flavoured mascarpone cream.


This next one is Tarte Victoria. Inside the tarte is a pineapples flambéed in rum then mixed into a pastry cream that is to die for! The topping is praline cream combined with a whipped cream. This is what sweet dreams are made of.


And with that, ends our Tart Week(s)!

Paris Paris Paris: Part 3

So, this is my third and last post for Paris Paris Paris.

I want to talk about the drinks. That’s right. When my Mom and I were in Paris, We drank all the time. Okay, maybe not ALL the time but quite a bit.

What was my favorite? The Mojito.


The Mojito has always been my favorite drink. It’s so refreshing after a hot day. After I had one Mojito, I kept ordering different variations of it like: The Mojito in LoveMojito in LoveNot only was this drink SO pretty, but it was also really delicious. Sour and fruity yet, Sweet and minty. Loved it. It came garnished with a little marshmallow sugar candy thing. Our waiter was so nice, cute and really bubbly. At one point, the café became extremely busy but, no matter what, you never saw him sweat.

This next drink was simple but delicious.

Kiss MeThis drink is called “Kiss Me”.

When I ordered the drink “Kiss Me”, the waiter leaned in for a kiss. And of course, like an idiot, I backed away. I don’t think i’ve ever blushed so hard… Next time.

Last but not least, “Pink Lady”.

Pink LadyAgain, this drink was garnished with that marshmallow candy thing. This drink was good. Not my favorite, but good. I think it was just a bit too sweet for my liking. Still really cute though.My mom stuck with her boring red wine. I’m not a huge fan of red wine…

This concludes the Paris Paris Paris posts. However, August 15th or 16th, I’ll be back in Paris with my sister Hannah and her boyfriend Kevin. My friend Jessica is working on asking her parents to let her come and visit me August 26th. Let’s hope my August will be all booked up with family visits!

Paris Paris Paris: Part 2

I think the best part of being in Paris is just being able to walk around all day and have so much to do. After my apartment matters were settled, my mom and I decided to Café hop.

Starting off your morning with an espresso is a must!


After we had our morning Café, We went to my neighborhood in the 15eme and window shopped. From charming Patisseries to adorable gift shops, the cuteness was endless.
Plant StoolI’m a HUGE fan of gardening so it was pretty exciting to see so many different flower shops.


I love the Aromates sign! Lord knows i’ll be needing my aromatherapy while in school! I’ll definitely be buying some of that mint and treating myself to Mint Tea once in a while!

My mom was really getting tired of my overwhelming excitement over the plants so, we moved on. A little ways up the road, we came across another shop that had adorable mugs, cutely packaged chocolates and many different types of coffee beans to choose from. This was easily my second favorite shop. It’s called Comptoirs Richard.

DSCN0096I could spend tons of hours, and money, in this darling shop. I couldn’t tell you much about the staff as I didn’t speak with them a whole lot but give me a couple weeks and i’ll know them pretty well. 😉

At this point, My mom and I were starving so we went to another café. This café is off Rue Des Volontaires and it’s pretty cute. Actually, the cutest part was probably our waiter but whatever… I forgot the name of this café but I posted a picture of it in the Part 1 of Paris Paris Paris. Supposedly, it was an American-styled café. I didn’t notice anything too American except the fact that our waiter spoke a little english..LOL

My mom’s not a huge Coca-Cola fan but, in France, she was addicted to it! Like it still had cocaine in the recipe. We’d be walking and she’d say, “Let’s go to a café. I gotta have a Coke!”
Could it have been that everyone was drinking them and it influenced her? Perhaps. But she swore it tasted differently from the kind in America. And I agreed.

Well turns out, it is! In America, Our Coca-Cola is sweetened with High Frutose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and it’s a common sweetener here in the states. In other countries, like France for example, they use sugar. Sugar is not only sweeter but, it also heightens the flavor. So yes, it does taste better. And it’s REALLY addictive.


Paris Paris Paris: Part 1

In America, cars yield to pedestrians. In France, pedestrian’s yield to anything with wheels. Being a pedestrian in France is a fight for ones life. A fight I may lose if I don’t learn the rules of the Paris streets. Here are a couple of rules I’ve learned:
Rule one: There are no rules. Cars really just drive on any side of the road they prefer.
Rule two: Think like the french. What happens if you’re driving on the wrong side of the road and a car is coming straight towards you? Don’t worry, they’ll move.
(Tip* Don’t play chicken with French people. Don’t.)
Rule Three: mopeds and motorcyclists always have the right-of-way, even when they don’t.

I know it sounds like I’m bashing the French but, to be honest, I’ve only been in Paris a few days and I love it!
Yesterday, I signed the lease on a cute, little -and I mean little- apartment in the 15eme. You can see the Eiffel Tower if you stand in the street. Not a bedroom view but still AH-mazing! Yeah, i’ve got the keys!
The shops and cafés are adorable and there’s just so much to do! I’ll definitely be a regular here. 20130723-181257.jpg

It’s really a whole new world compared to the little county town I live in where it takes 30 minutes by car to get to the nearest grocery store.
Speaking of transportation, I’d just like to give myself a pat on the back for learning to use the metro so quickly! (Also something I’m not used to!) It’s really so convenient and, besides all of the beggars, of which there are quite a few, it’s not as sketchy as I had first assumed.

The Flight of Fright to Paris

From crying babies and the wretched smell of stinky feet to the terrible “Gourmet” airplane food, International flights are not too pleasant. I know you’re not supposed to expect much from traveling but, I didn’t realize just how low I was supposed to set my standards. At the airport, you definitely get to use all 5 of your senses.
Sight: Parents dragging around their crying kids -of all ages- and abundance of luggage.
Smell: The God awful smell of mixed perfumes and B.O.. Pretty sure that about half of the people in the airport haven’t showered. Ever.
Touch: A grimy feeling on your hands that you KNOW inhabits every bacteria and germ known to planet earth. (Maybe farther)
Taste: That stale mint taste from the gum you’ve been chewing for the past 3 1/2 hours.
Sound: Babies crying, loud foreign chatter, and TSA yelling at people.

If I could just revisit the whole food thing for just a moment…They call it “gourmet” and they get you really excited for it! By the time you’re done reading the fancy menu that was written on a fancy letter, in fancy cursive, you’ll almost feel like you’re in First Class. Almost.

But then, your long -and I mean long- awaited food arrives and the first question that pops in your mind is what crime you’ve committed to deserve such foul tasting food. I’m not exaggerating either.

It doesn’t look that bad but it was one of those meals that you have to keep drinking water after every bite to get it to slide down your throat.

Speaking of extreme nausea…the girl next to me was extremely hungover. And the more she talked about her nausea, the more sympathy nausea I had. Yes, I think this might have been the one case where one should try not to be sympathetic. By the end of the flight, she felt fine  but I was the one who was quickly scanning the plane for the nearest exit bathroom.

I should have just taken sleeping pills like I originally wanted to do..