The Flight of Fright to Paris

From crying babies and the wretched smell of stinky feet to the terrible “Gourmet” airplane food, International flights are not too pleasant. I know you’re not supposed to expect much from traveling but, I didn’t realize just how low I was supposed to set my standards. At the airport, you definitely get to use all 5 of your senses.
Sight: Parents dragging around their crying kids -of all ages- and abundance of luggage.
Smell: The God awful smell of mixed perfumes and B.O.. Pretty sure that about half of the people in the airport haven’t showered. Ever.
Touch: A grimy feeling on your hands that you KNOW inhabits every bacteria and germ known to planet earth. (Maybe farther)
Taste: That stale mint taste from the gum you’ve been chewing for the past 3 1/2 hours.
Sound: Babies crying, loud foreign chatter, and TSA yelling at people.

If I could just revisit the whole food thing for just a moment…They call it “gourmet” and they get you really excited for it! By the time you’re done reading the fancy menu that was written on a fancy letter, in fancy cursive, you’ll almost feel like you’re in First Class. Almost.

But then, your long -and I mean long- awaited food arrives and the first question that pops in your mind is what crime you’ve committed to deserve such foul tasting food. I’m not exaggerating either.

It doesn’t look that bad but it was one of those meals that you have to keep drinking water after every bite to get it to slide down your throat.

Speaking of extreme nausea…the girl next to me was extremely hungover. And the more she talked about her nausea, the more sympathy nausea I had. Yes, I think this might have been the one case where one should try not to be sympathetic. By the end of the flight, she felt fine  but I was the one who was quickly scanning the plane for the nearest exit bathroom.

I should have just taken sleeping pills like I originally wanted to do..