Sorry, Sugar Coma…

Geeze, It’s been way too long [without Wifi]. That’s right, I’ve been moved into the new apartment for about 2 months now and only recently got wifi. Technically, it’s not mine but I won’t get into that right now….


Let’s talk about my school!

We started baking from the beginning. No time like the present, I suppose.

From Tarte aux Pommes to Tarte au Chocolat, the tartes were endless. By the end of the week, we had so many tartes, we didn’t know what to do with them! Most people gave them to the homeless, neighbors and host families.

Tarte aux Pommes1000957_10201909305036012_2111271473_n

Tarte aux Figues1185129_10201925759127354_1943582173_n

Tarte Daquoise


Tarte Bourdaloue

Tarte au Chocolat1240170_10201944559397349_1586190424_n[Note* You’ll have to forgive the picture quality as it was all taken on my iphone.]

Last but not least: My Favorite Tartes

This is Pierre Herme‘s Tarte Vanille: Pâte sablée, white chocolate ganache with vanilla, tender biscuit moistened with vanilla, vanilla-flavoured mascarpone cream.


This next one is Tarte Victoria. Inside the tarte is a pineapples flambéed in rum then mixed into a pastry cream that is to die for! The topping is praline cream combined with a whipped cream. This is what sweet dreams are made of.


And with that, ends our Tart Week(s)!